Student Privacy and Data Policies

tl;dr - Voces does not require any personally identifiable information for the students. All data is accessible only to the teacher and Voces staff.

  1. Student data includes Student Records (any non-aggregated information directly related to a student, acquired through the use of educational software or systems, gathered by people) , Student Information (any personally identifiable information or material of a student in any media or format that is not publically available), and Student Generated Content (any student materials created by a student).
  2. Voces Digital has authorization to use Student Data and Employee data for the following purposes:
    • Student Data will be used by Voces for the purpose of providing digital courseware services to the students which includes general usage tracking, without looking at the specific student. The Student Data will be made available only to the teacher that student is assigned to, for the purposes of grading, tracking activity, and monitoring work.
    • Employee data will be used by Voces for general usage tracking. Employee contact information will be used to provide updates and information about Voces.
    Use of Student and Employee data for targeted marketing and/or advertisements is prohibited. Any use beyond the scope detailed in this provision constitutes a violation of this agreement and will result in termination of services.
  3. FERPA. Voces Digital shall maintain Student Information for and on behalf of Subscriber – in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g(a)(4)(A)(ii), 1232g(b)(1) -- for the purpose of providing digital courseware services pursuant to this Subscription. Voces Digital may use the Student Information to conduct activities, including, but not limited to, longitudinal studies, alignment studies, and norming studies for the benefit of Subscriber and/or for the collective benefit of multiple Subscribers, as permitted by FERPA. Personally identifiable information (“PII”) derived from Student Information provided to Voces Digital may be disclosed only to Voces Digital employees who have a legitimate educational interest in maintaining, organizing, or analyzing the data for uses authorized in this Subscription. PII derived from Student Information and maintained by Voces Digital shall not be further disclosed by Voces Digital, except as allowed by FERPA. Subscriber is responsible for any notices to parents required under FERPA and for providing parents/guardians the opportunity to inspect and challenge the contents of the student records in question.
  4. All student and employee data is owned by the subscriber and not Voces Digital. If services are terminated, by either party, the Voces Digital agrees to provide all data to the subscriber, permanently delete all subscriber data and provide written verification confirming permanent deletion. Requests for permanent deletion of student and employee data shall be communicated in writing via email by the Director of Technology, Superintendent, or Assistant Superintendent. Students, parents, or guardians may request in writing via an email through the Director of Technology, or his/her designee, that Voces Digital may establish a personal account for the student to maintain active use of the services to continue to store student-generated content.
  5. A student and/or their parent or guardian may review the student’s personally identifiable information in the student data and make corrections to any erroneous information. Such requests are to be processed in writing via email through the Director of Technology, the Superintendent, or Assistant Superintendent.
  6. Security provisions - Voces Digital shall take all necessary actions to ensure security and confidentiality of student and employee data. Voces Digital will take the following measures taken to protect and backup the data; where the data resides and is transmitted via; and who has access to the data: data access is limited to the teacher and Voces Digital staff. Direct database access is restricted to only the Voces developers. In addition, no personally identifiable information is required of the students at any point.
  7. If a data breach occurs that results in an unauthorized release of student or employee data Voces Digital is responsible for notifying the district in writing via email to the Director of Technology and Superintendent within 72 hours that the data breach has occurred. Data provided to the school district must include, but is not limited to, what happened, when the breach occurred, when the breach was identified, a complete accounting of the data that was breached, the number of students or employees impacted, which students or employees were impacted, and steps taken to mitigate continued breach of data.
  8. Collection provisions – At the time of registration, name, school, phone number, and email address are collected for the teacher. The teacher then sets up their students, and is required a minimum of one character in the first and last name fields. Real names are not required, and there is no additional field option for email addresses. At the time of user login, cookies are stored with the Class ID and User ID of the user, if desired. These are not required or automatic. In the event that a feedback/support request is generated, the user’s device and browser details are sent to our support staff to help with determining a fix for the problem they experienced. Usage is tracked from the time the user logs in until they log out; the page, time of entry, and duration on page is recorded.
  9. Data access provisions - data access is limited to the teacher and Voces Digital staff.
  10. Indemnification and warranty provisions. Voces offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any point the subscriber is not satisfied with the product, or the circumstances change and the product is no longer required, it may be cancelled for a full refund.

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