2023 Summer Tech Updates

This summer's updates are focused on accessibility, ease of use, and media privacy.

Working with Allyant, an accessibility auditor, we realized that Voces was not as usable by students with disabilities as we thought it was. This will be an ongoing, continuous effort by our team, but we are happy to announce that we have made great strides over the past year to make sure students with disabilities can experience everything Voces has to offer. Screen readers will now be able to navigate the site smoothly and keyboard-only students have access to all of the activity types.

Sharing Library
The Sharing Library, which is where you can share your pages with others and see what others have shared, is now outside of the Editor and in the Teacher's Panel menu.

  • Sorting options, such as by creator or rating, have been added.
  • You can now view and add shared content from any Voces title.
  • A new private sharing option allows you to control who you share with.
  • Rating prompts encourage teachers to rate what they use.

Voces Editor
The Voces Editor has been redesigned to be more user friendly and intuitive.

  • Move pages and sections by dragging them where you want.
  • Control everything on a page or section from a simplified menu.
  • Duplicate a page to edit while leaving the original in place.
  • Easily make Voces yours with clearer labels and organization.

Media Privacy Updates
As privacy laws evolve, Voces is committed to evolving with them to make sure we keep teacher and student data safe. With this in mind, we have added an additional layer of agreement for student media submissions. Audio and photo submissions are now disabled by default, requiring the teacher to allow them from settings. Teachers will also see a prompt the next time they log in asking them to acknowledge the privacy agreement.

We look forward to hearing what you think of these changes, as well as any suggestions you have for future enhancements.

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