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Voces Updates - July 21st, 2021

This round of updates focused on audio recording, assignments, and grading.

One thing to note is that previous student recordings, as well as previously created assignments, are no longer available. All other student work, and any pages you have created, are still there. If you need past assignment data or student recordings, please let me know.

Class Management
Each class can be assigned a color. From Class & Student Management, click on the class name and then Class Settings. This color is currently only applied to the assignment tool, but I look forward to hearing suggestions of where else it will make sense.

Audio Recording
  • Recording now works in all major browsers/operating systems - including Safari on Mac and Chrome on iPads.
  • Students will have to submit recording pages, like they do all other pages.
  • Recording exercises can now exist on the same page as any other type of activity.
  • Archiving recordings will keep previous recordings.
  • Recording reliability in general has been greatly improved.

Assignment Tool
There has been a complete overhaul of the assignment tool. When the updates take place, assignments you have previously created will be lost; student work will not be lost.
  • All assignments are split by page AND class. Assignments for the same page can be in different folders for different classes.
  • You can toggle off/on assignments by class. Just click the class name at the top of the page.
  • Drag & drop functionality has been improved for rearranging in a folder and moving assignments from one folder to another.
  • Bulk editor is now actually a bulk editor. Options at the top will let you apply a change to all assignments in that folder.
  • Creating a new assignment will not stop you if the page is already assigned. You can either select new classes or select an existing class and overwrite current assignment parameters.
  • When selecting different pages to edit, it will show you which ones are already assigned and to which classes.
  • Modified Point Value lets you change how much a page is worth without having to edit it. Want the rubric worth 100 points? Just set it here.
  • When selecting Modify Point Value, you also have an option for Credit/No Credit Only. This will assign the page but make it not worth any points.
  • A Minimum Timer option has been added. Applying this will require a student to spend the set amount of time on the page before they can press submit. (Students are going to hate this one.)

After years of you asking, Voces finally gets the point. Decimal point that is. Individual questions, as well as the overall point adjustment, now accepts 10ths of a point.
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