Voces™ Introductory Spanish Content Outline

Below you will find the Scope and Sequence of the Voces™ Introductory Spanish eTextbook. Each chapter in the eTextbook is supported by videos, photos, cultural sections, workbook activities and games.

Scope and Sequence
Chapter Number and Title Vocabulary Grammar and Culture
1: Greetings Greetings Types of greetings in Spanish-speaking countries, informal vs. formal expressions, asking questions in Spanish, discussion about the Spanish language
2: Alphabet The alphabet Differences between the English alphabet and Spanish alphabet, overview of vowels and consonants
3: Numbers Numbers 1-1,000 Telling time; talking about time and the days of the week; discussion about the terms "Mexicans," "Chicanos" and "Hispanics"
4: Months & Weather Months, weather Asking about the weather, discussion of the geography and climate of Mexico
5: Clothing Clothing Cognates, asking questions in Spanish, masculine vs. feminine nouns
6: Parts of the Body Parts of the body Plural vs. singular nouns, asking "What hurts?," using "mucho" and "un poco," discussion of unemployment in Mexico
7: Descriptions Colors, physical characteristics, types of personalities, pronouns Using adjectives, ser, adjectives that do not end in -o or -a
8: Me gusta Different forms of "me gusta" Using "me gusta," using "no me gusta"
9: Sports Sports and pastimes Popular sports in Mexico
10: Holidays & Celebrations Holidays and related words Holidays in Mexico, discussions of Cinco de Mayo and Independence Day in Mexico
11: Food, Drink & Restaurants Fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, bread and condiments, in the restaurant, desserts and drinks Discussion of Mexican food, culture of corn in Mexico
12: Family Words related to family Discussion of family in Mexico, the role of elders in the community, role of women in Mexico
13: House Words related to the home and domestic sphere, estar Describing the home, discussion of open-sky patios in Mexican homes, estar, stereotypes and prejudice
14: Around Town Types of transportation, places in the city, professions, directions Asking directions and giving directions, discussion on bartering in Mexico
15: Animals Types of pets and animals Popular pets and animals in Mexico
16: School School-related words School in Mexico
17: Feelings Ways to ask how one is feeling, types of feelings More on ser and estar, discussion of types of Mexican music